Management Board

Chairman, Taleb Group of Companies

Taleb Mohammed Taleb Al Khauri


I am pleased to be an active participant in the flourishing development of the Cambridge School, Doha and my measure of its success is the smiling faces of the students when I visit the campus.

Managing Director

Mohammed Taleb Al Khauri


A good school does not slavishly imitate the past but seeks to establish its own vision. The vision should be based not just on an awareness of the best educational practices but on a recognition that the needs of the children have changed and are continually changing.

The Cambridge School aims to fulfill the belief that our school offers children the right opportunity to study and learn together creatively and is the best preparation ground for the world society which awaits them. The dedicated faculty and management, who work hard, are not only experienced educationalists but they are also forward looking. They are commited to a fresh vision, alert to the needs and demands of the present and concerned to make sure that the students are put in their order of priorities.That is why I have every confidence that the Cambridge School will raise the bar of excellence in this region.


M. Jayashankar Pillai


The continual high academic standards attained and achieved at the Cambridge School, Doha, is most pleasing and gratifying when combined with the extracurricular successes of the students and thus creates a vibrant and exciting institution of which I am proud to be the Director.